8 signs you’ve taken your cleaning obsession too far

SMClean NW | Commercial Office CleaningA spotless home is difficult to achieve with a busy schedule, and

when ‘cleaning’ in a rush it can be easy to just throw things away

instead of sorting them and putting them away.

This couldend up with your home feeling empty and lifeless, so it is vital not to take your cleaning and decluttering too far.

Here are 8 ways to tell if you’re too obsessed with decluttering:

  • Every single show is stored out of sight, and you have a strict no-shoes indoors policy
  • Your child’s toys and books have been made into a display
  • Your bookcase and DVD collection is all ordered alphabetically – and God forbid anyone puts them back in the wrong order
  • Your kitchen is so shiny you can see your own reflection in the units
  • You’re terrified to stain any surface due to its perfect whiteness
  • You’re afraid to have any clutter at all to ruin the minimalist feel of your home
  • More and more pieces of furniture from your home are being slowly binned
  • You’re colour coding is unwavering and everywhere – wardrobes, drawers, kitchen cabinets – it’s all a bit intense

If any of these sentences describes you then it might be worth remembering that the purpose of spring cleaning is to clean and declutter unwanted things, not completely organise and remove all your belongings until your home no longer feels like a home.

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