Winter commercial floor care

The floors in commercial premises get a lot of wear and tear and quite understandably, clients, employees, and other workers are not like well-trained children who automatically take their shoes off at the door.

The footfall in offices and other commercial premises is often relentless and in winter, this wear is compounded by the salt and sand spread on pavements to stop people slipping over which is then tracked into the office. Not to mention the snow, mud, rain and other debris traipsed in as a result of the dirty winter weather.

As impressions count, it’s important for businesses to maintain a professional appearance and a tatty, dirty, untidy floor can have a negative impact on this as it’s the first thing people will notice when they walk in. It won’t impress clients and it won’t enhance staff morale. Important as it is to try and stop the debris from taking over, to have an actual floor care process would be even better.

So, what can businesses do?

Firstly, it’s worth having serious matting or protection of some sort at the door as this is an area of incredibly heavy wear. In fact, it’s estimated that around 40% of a floor’s finish can be removed within the first 2m of the entrance. A scraper mat outside the entrance and a carpet mat on the inside of the entrance can really help.

It may sound obvious but frequent floor washing is also going to help, particularly in winter. Less water will accumulate from snow, sleet, ice and rain and in turn this reduces the chances of water marks or salt lines appearing.

Wet mops and microfibre mops will do the job by first cleaning the floor then absorbing and removing the water. Little and often keeps on top of it and for a client’s perception of the business, a clean entrance is always an advantage. Obviously, remaining well stocked with mops, buckets and cleaners is key.

When little an often isn’t enough, a deep clean is called for. The more frequently this can be done, the more effective the little and often washes will be. Professional deep cleans can restore commercial flooring to almost like new.

And if it all seems a bit too much, working with an experienced, professional cleaning service will ensure that commercial floors are kept in optimum condition as part of their cleaning process.

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