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We are a local furniture repair & restoration business covering Chester, Hoole, Vicars Cross, Mickle Trafford, Broughton and Huntington area and we are part of the world’s largest and most respected furniture repair and restoration company.

Furniture is a major investment for your home or business. The appearance and maintenance of your furniture enhances your corporate brand perception and maintains a feeling of quality and cleanliness for your home.

Here at Furniture Medic Chester, we are skilled in all types of furniture repair.

Our furniture repair & restoration services in Chester include:

  • Restoration of scratches, dents, heat & watermarks.
  • Refinishing and Polishing your cherished wood furniture.
  • Flood, Fire and Vandalism Restoration.
  • French Polishing.
  • Minor and major upholstery repairs.
  • Leather repair and restoration.

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