With the festive party season about to erupt, there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds…

office-partyThe office Christmas party is the highlight of the corporate calendar. There’s a free bar, it’s fancy dress, and everyone’s looking forward to letting their hair down and having a dance to some cheesy Christmas tracks.

Whilst it’s all fun and games at the time, dealing with the aftermath of Christmas party carnage is a bitter pill to swallow in the cold, grey light of a January morning. Clean-up operations can be mammoth tasks, and it’s imperative that office spaces are thoroughly sanitised to create a safe and productive business environment.

We’ve compiled a summary of the clean-up concerns to watch out for this Christmas:

  • When the mulled wine is flowing and the cocktail sausages are circling, spills, stains, and crumbs trodden into the carpet are almost inevitable. If left undealt with, these look and smell offensive, and can also attract pests
  • Equally, plates and paper cups left lying around are breeding grounds for mould and spores that
  • Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sparkly decorations. Unfortunately, both glitter and tinsel are nightmares to get rid of, threatening the overall cleanliness of the office (and the sanity of those working there come January)
  • Bathrooms are hotbeds of bacteria at the best of times, but more so during a boozy Christmas party. It’s imperative, therefore, that all bathrooms are properly cleaned after the event to prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria

With all this to think about, the best, most efficient means of tackling the clean-up is by employing the services of a professional cleaning company. We can ensure you the best possible start to the working year, helping you put your best foot forward in 2017.

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